About beautiful xhosa words

boer maak 'n system – "farmer tends to make a prepare" is definitely an incentive that may be made use of whenever a circumstance occurs that somehow stops or hinders the boer's initial designs, exactly where the boer will check out to think about a Resourceful Answer. Normally occasions these Artistic methods are extremely minimal-cost and in addition somewhat innovative.

Python gives plenty of effective and simple to use equipment for scraping websites. One among Python's practical modules to scrape Web-sites is known as Beautiful Soup.

This feminine Zulu title is derived with the term inhlakanipho and means ‘wisdom’. The pronunciation in the title can be quite a suffering. However, if you can find past it, you might be very good to go.

Sibongile can be a come to feel excellent name having a positive this means. This identify has not been overused, so It's not very common. Sibongile means ‘we've been grateful’.

The find_all technique is The most popular techniques in BeautifulSoup. It appears to be like by way of a tag’s descendants and retrieves all descendants that match

perdedrolle is fye – lit. "Horseshit is figs". When anyone is accusing A different person of bullshitting them: Jy probeer my se dat perdedrolle is fye! (You are seeking to tell me that horseshit is figs!)

gril - (pronounced Together with the g-seem behind the throat) it refers to someone possessing an adverse sensory reaction to something which is considered disgusting, creepy or freaky in any way.

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kugel: a very groomed, materialistic lady (through the Yiddish word to get a plain pudding garnished to be a delicacy). Older-generation Jews coined this utilization to be a derogatory label for Jewish Females who aspired to be Element of the privileged English-speaking white Group.

Ayanda is usually a Zulu child name, which means ‘they augment.’ This title Seems endearing, specially when you believe you might have added a new member to your family.

jakkals trou satisfied wolf se vrou – lit. "Jackal weds Wolf's spouse". Refers to the temperature phenomena referred to as a "monkey's marriage ceremony". Can be used to describe an not likely condition. Also refers to your song of precisely the same title by Afrikaans singer Karlien Van Jaarsveld.

C – To pronounce the dental simply click, c, push the idea from the tongue from the entrance teeth, then withdraw it sharply, at the same time dropping the again of the tongue through the soft palate.

Riet ("Reed") refers to the bunk mattress frame's flimsy visual appearance although "kooi" is definitely the slang phrase for your bed (exclusively only one-mattress), derived within the Capetonian dialect. "Kooi" continues to be in use from the Southern regions.

Returns None when absolutely nothing matches. This also implies You cannot seriously chain these, considering the fact that that'll easily lead to an AttributeError complaining you happen to be seeking to do a little something on None.

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